Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Year of Good Things

I've decided to be a 'Do-Gooder' and join Pip Lincolne from Meet Me at Mikes in  her 'Year of Good Things' project.

Here's what it's all about

"Every day of this year, do a Good Thing. It might be something good for yourself. It might be something good for your pet. It might be something good for a stranger, or your boyfriend or your wife or your child. It might be something good for your friend or the mailman or a neighbour or the lady at the bank. It's up to YOU.

The great thing about this project is that you already do a Good Thing every day for someone. I know that you do! We're just trying to slow things up a bit and take notice of the things you do."

You can even do a good thing for your local community or even the environment. Once you've noted your good thing you can document it on your blog, facebook page, your iphone, or even just your personal journal it's up to you. Pip explains it a bit better here

Pip is 11 days up on me on this project, but better late than never ... I'll start today.

I remembered that I did something good yesterday so today will be more than one Good Thing

Day 1: 1/366

Wednesday 11th January

After the recent fires in my town the Local Shire and SouthWest Catchments Group put together a brochure to educate people how to help our coastal vegetation recover form the fire. I work at a local resort and after discovering the brochure at the Shire Offices I thought it would be a great to have it available to help educate the tourists at this busy time of year. My sister kindly acquired some for me and yesterday I put them on display at the front of our brochure stand. so although a small thing it's a good thing as it's my part towards helping with recovery

So day 1 was good for the environment

Day 2: 2/366

Thursday 12th January 

When I got home from work I made my best friend and myself a yummy Nespresso 

That one was good for our taste buds and our tummies, and my friend really enjoyed it. We sat on the front porch pondering life while enjoying the wonders of Nespresso

and as a bonus good thing for the day........

Good thing 2.5/366

Today I left the lights off........ all day!!

It was a quiet day in the office so no one was ever really going to notice and it's actually quite light in there. It was my contribution to reducing our carbon foot print for the day...... and that's definitely a good thing

Mmmm wonder what 'Good Thing' I'll do tomorrow

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