Saturday, December 19, 2009

It must be Christmas !!

My sister and I found this little scene on the back roads between Margaret River and Busselton.

It kind of speaks for it self

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bag Addiction

I love handbags.... actually I love big handbags. They're so useful for storing and carrying some of the contents of your life. No matter what the bag size I always seem to be able to manage to fill it. I usually start out with very good intentions when I get  new bag, "this time I'll only carry the bare essentials". But before you know it I'm out of control and the bag is full again..... I love to collect them

Occasionally my bag fetish extends to making them. This week has been one of those weeks, I've been busy sewing bags. I've made a promise to myself that they will not end up in my collection and that they will be sold in my Etsy shop.

This is the first of the bags. It's created using off cuts from previous projects. The outside is hemp denim and it has an interior lining of a brown stripe poly cotton blend. It has a pin tuck detail on the front and a centre seam on the back.  It's a good size you can fit the essentials and a few extras in it. This one is listed in my store

This is number 2, it's the same style bag but this time with pleats all the way around and it has a band.  This one will be Etsy listed soon.

Number 3 still in my head I share it with  you when it comes to fruition.