Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Great ideas come from small things

After a weekend of creating journals  I've come up with some great ideas. It all started with a simple idea from my sister, cut a strip of fabric gather it and stitch it down.... here's the result

I added some buttons and my own artistic license to the idea and voila ..........The Tuxedo Ruffle A6 visual journal slip cover.

This got me thinking about the gathering strips so I tried another one with different denim... that wasn't as successful so out came the quick un-picker and I headed off in the direction of pleats but this time with a twist, I added a zippper and the Zip It A5 visual journal slip cover with fully functional cover pocket was born.
I followed the path I was already on and the Pleated Denim A6 Visual Journal cover was created

Then finally the pleated panel evolved into a pin tucked pocket  for the final cover of the weekend

The Belt Up A6 visual journal cover, the pin tucked  panel is a pocket and I've added the button and belt closure for a little added detail.

All of this had led to some great ideas for bags. I've just finished a new tote bag. Which idea do you think was my inspiration?

All will be revealed soon.............