Monday, January 16, 2012

A Year of Good Things 5/366

Well so far I haven't been doing such a great job of posting everyday and maybe  I need to let myself a little bit off the hook on that one. As long as I keep you updated then it's ok to be a day late with a post. So every now and again you'll get a double whammy of 'good' on one day, that is as long as you don't miss me too much if I miss a day...... but I'm sure you'll be fine! 


"what no photo" you say in utter astonishment, "not even a dodgy one!" Well day 5's good thing is a little different, it's quite simply that after a long day at work I turned the computer off and gave my best friend my full attention last night. Normally I sit on the sofa with my laptop beside me scanning the internet and my emails. On the nights I'm not sewing I'll check on facebook countless times, hang out in the etsy forums, check my email, and in the last week update my blog. That's fantastic when I'm home alone cause with all my online friends I'm never lonely, but not so great when my best friend is home and he's trying to talk and I'm trying to type!! So last night, I sensed that my friend needed a little more than my attention in between forum comments and websites, so I briefly checked cyberspace when I got home and then I turned the computer off and spent some quality time with my friend.

I cooked us a really tasty meal and then we watched a documentary on SBS and had a lively but agreeable discussion about it.

So not only was this a good thing for my friend but it was also a good thing for me.

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