Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lunar Madness

It's been a weird week in my world... it started last Sunday with an encounter with a Kangaroo on the back roads of Margaret River. The poor Roo came off second best and this is what happened to my car

I can fix my car but I can't fix the poor Roo and it left me feeling very sad. There's been all sorts of random things going wrong this week which has left me wondering if the full moon has been playing a part. I've checked the lunar charts and it should be over in the next few days!!
In the mean time while my car is off getting repaired I've got a new toy to play with.

My new Epson R800 printer... I can't wait to start creating some goodies to sell with this baby.

Oh and the repair bill for my car you ask.... $3900 (Au) just as well I've got insurance. And it did such a good job of protecting us that I'll be hanging on to it. But maybe adding a Roo bar just in case!!


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  2. Nice printer... Would you like some discounted photo papers for that?